Announcing the Results: Meet the Winner
Make sure your solution aligns with existing Pitt efforts.

As you refine your idea, please be sure to consult the following resources to ground your understanding of our context and existing efforts at Pitt:

  • Pitt Sustainability Plan: Adopted in 2018, the Pitt Sustainability Plan identifies 15 impact areas across three themes (stewardship, exploration, and community and culture) that focus the University’s sustainability goals and key performance indicators for tracking progress over time.
  • Pitt Climate Action Plan: Released in 2022, the first ever Pitt Climate Action Plan for the University of Pittsburgh presents our strategy, approach, and details to achieve carbon neutrality by 2037 for the Pittsburgh campus.
  • Pitt 2018-2022 Sustainability Progress Report: Review updates on the University of Pittsburgh’s progress towards achieving the the Pitt Sustainability Plan’s goals.
  • University of PIttsburgh Sustainability-Related Academic Centers: Listing of Pitt sustainability-focused and –related research, teaching, and community-focused centers.
  • Pitt Sustainability History: Understand how we got to where we are today.
  • Pitt Sustainability Dashboard: This interactive feature details progress on select goals and key performance indicators, including greenhouse gas emissions, building energy and water use intensity, and more.
  • Pitt’s Green Guides: Key steps students and employees can take to contribute to Pitt’s sustainability journey.
  • Energy & Emissions resources:  A summary of existing Pitt energy systems, use, goals, and renewable strategies and partnerships.
  • Mobility & Transportation resources: A summary of existing low carbon, shared, and active transportation options for Pittsburgh campus community members.
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